We've almost finished off 2020, it's like a giant burden that we've been carrying since March, hopefully it falls off as the clock strikes midnight on January 1st. What better way to celebrate 2020 not being a thing anymore, than by adopting a brand new family member from the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.

Here are this week's Pets of the week, starting with the big woofers.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Bella is an energetic young lady dog! She loves walks, play time, and her food and treats most of all! She is learning some basic obedience and ready for a new teacher she can learn from for the rest of her life. She does love food a bit too much, causing her to get into trouble with other dogs in the past. 
Cheyenne Animal Shelter


M.J. is a very sweet girl that needs a lot of time to warm up to new people. The staff here have been working with her to gain confidence and feel comfortable on her own in this big world. She is looking for a low key family with either no children or older kids to help her become the best dog she could be. If you are interested in meeting M.J. please know that she will need to meet every member of the family that will be staying in the home for any extended time and all other animals that will be in the home on a routine basis. If possible we would like to set up follow-up meets with MJ so that she can get used to seeing people multiple times before committing to a home.
Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Max is such a sweet dog. ALL he wants in life is attention from a nice person. He is always by my side and just stares until I acknowledge he's there for some pets or praise. He is house trained, knows sit, lay down, shake, and is picking up touch really quickly! He gets along REALLY well with the two resident dogs. He is a huge snuggle bug in bed, and wants to cuddle the entire night. He has no issues with strangers (though that camera was really scary!). He is quiet, He is great with dogs - I would say a home with other dogs is a must. He cannot share a home with cats as he sees them as food and not friends. We also haven't had him around kids. We don't have any friends whose kids are old and dog savvy enough that I would feel comfortable introducing them if he started to jump. I think he is absolutely friendly enough, just might be too much for really little kiddos. I think an experienced dog owner who would continue to set boundaries with kenneling and impulse control, with a 6' secure fence and another similar sized dog would be all he needs. The meds take the edge off, but I am not convinced they are something he would need to stay on long term. As far as exercise, I think someone who is willing to do the occasional walk would suffice. He is happy to play with our dogs for a little bit and then immediately come in and take a nap on the couch. He definitely doesn't need someone who is a distance runner or anything! "

Now for the cool cats and kittens.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Aspen is a mature adult cat that is a bit set in her ways. She would prefer a home all to herself as she can't see the benefit of having a cat or dog friend. She loves a warm lap to rest on and lots of toys to play with.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Greetings, I'm Pretty... no really, that's my name, but thank you for the compliment! I am a sweet and loving girl who is more on the mellow side. If you are looking for a cuddle buddy, I'm your girl! I may seem shy at first but once I get a scratch, I'm all yours.

Via Cheyenne Animal Shelter


Jigs is an energetic, opinionated young lady! She loves attention, but only on her terms! Come by and see if you can win over this fickle cat's affection! Jigs may do best in a home without other animals.
If you're interested in any of these Pets Of The Week, check out the Cheyenne Animal Shelter.
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