Scoot over, promposals and gender reveals, there's a new trend in town.

We live in a world where everyone wants to be noticed for how cute, happy or extra they are. We can add this one to the list. Not that I'm ragging on people who like to make things extra special, but your motivation should be a little more sincere than wanting to get more likes on social media. It's now a trend to ask people to be the godparents of your children in a, you guessed it, trendy way.

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Godparent Proposals."

According to Pinterest, searches for "godparent proposals" have increased 152 percent. People are looking for unique ways to ask their friends or family members to be their child's godparents. While I totally believe that this should be done in as way that is memorable, I can already see people looking to one-up what they've seen on their Instagram feed.

It happens with just about everything these days... weddings, graduation photos, gender reveals, bridesmaid proposals, you name it.

That puts a lot of pressure on something that is already a big deal. Asking someone to be a godparent is not a small favor. You are trusting that those people will take care of your child in the event anything happens to you and your partner. So, yes it should be something special, but not over the top for the sake of likes.

Although I do have to say that some of these are pretty creative...

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