In one of my favorite movies About Time, the main character Tim meets his wife, Mary, at a unique dining experience. The waiters are described as "blind as bats". The dining room is pitch-black. It's supposed to be an epic dining experience that relies on the other senses to truly appreciate the food— and company— around you. Now, we'll be able to try it for ourselves.

Ok, so no word on if the waiters are actually blind like in the movie, but the atmosphere will be pitch-black at this hidden location in Denver.

Pitch Black: Dining in the Dark takes place at a secret location in Denver. When you enter the dining room, the area will be warmly lit, and you'll be asked to hand over your phone, watch, and anything else that may be considered a "light source" (Instagram foodies, this is not for you). Then, the room will suddenly be plunged into pitch-black darkness and you'll begin your meal.

Tickets range from $85 to $90 and the first event is scheduled for April 15. Each meal experience lasts 90 minutes and has two courses. The event is also described as 21+ only: leave the kids at home. When asked 'how will I know if I've finished my food' in the FAQs, the event coordinators answered:

Be creative! Find a method you’re most comfortable with. We won’t tell.


Well...okay, then! Book your table right here. 

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