This isn’t the first time a major Sports outlet, like NBC Sport’s Pro Football Talk, has asked Coach Craig Bohl about Josh Allen. You'd think reporters would talk more often to the Coach . “Every NFL team that needs a quarterback,” has talked to him and Coach said he's told them the same things. One thing sounds familiar about an old hero named Elway – about throwing on the run:

When a quarterback can roll left and then throw the ball 60-some yards on a rope, that really stresses a defense.”

Bohl also said that the biggest thing Allen can do is extend plays with his legs. Later in this nice 10 minute phone interview, Coach was asked about Josh’s stats. “When a guy can run sideways and still throw it to the back of the end zone 50 yards, on a dart, throw the completion percentage out.”

Josh's coach of two years also mentioned “competitive nature." That reminds Denver Broncos fans of an older hero. So we decided to look up John Elway's old rookie stats.

As the number one pick of 1983, Elway’s first year in the NFL, John was benched in both of his first two games for Steve DeBurg, he threw 259 passes, completing 123. That’s just short of a dismal 48 percent (below Josh his last year in Brown & Gold). In ’84 that improved, but it was still only 56.5 percent. John had over a 60 percent completion rate in only three years of his career. Over and over, however, he made big plays and won a record 148 games, now surpassed only by Brett Favre, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady.

Back in a ‘90s playoff game, the voice of the Broncos, Dave Logan, said during another fourth quarter comeback, “Say what you want to about numbers, but I’ll take number seven every time.”

I have a feeling we’ll enjoy watching from Wyoming, another career like that from Josh Allen. And guess where another mock draft says that career will be spent. This just in: has Broncos General Manager Elway picking Allen at #5. It could happen.

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