It's no secret that the price of everything seems to be going up this year. Maybe the most obvious increases have been seen in gas prices.

The cost to gas up was at or near $5 per gallon recently, and even though the prices seem to be dropping a little recently, gas still isn't cheap.

But of course, prices at the pump are not the only place where Wyoming residents and Americans, in general, are taking a hit to the wallet.

Food, whether at the grocery store or eating out is also getting a lot more expensive. People who rent are seeing those prices go up.

In fact, just about everything seems more expensive these days, including cars and auto repairs, clothes, and just about anything else you can think of.

The bottom line is that paychecks aren't going as far as they used to. Ane people on fixed incomes sometimes face even bigger challenges.

For many Wyoming residents, the summer travel season is a very big deal. For families, the kids are out of school. In a state where winter weather can be an issue 8 months a year people often take the summer months to hit the road.

Whether the favored activity is getting out into Wyoming's beautiful back county, shopping expeditions to Denver or elsewhere, or just enjoying the freedom of the open road, this is the time of year that Cowboy State residents traditionally hit the highway.

But with gas, lodging, food, and just about everything else more expensive, we are wondering if that trend is holding true in the summer of 2022.

So how about you? Have you downsized your summer plans this year? Or do you refuse to give up on enjoying your normal summer activities?

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