Since War Memorial Stadium opened in 1950, beer sales have only been permitted outside the stadium and in the Wildcatter Club Suites.

According to our recent online poll, it could be time for the University of Wyoming to reconsider that policy.

Currently, over 86% of poll respondents believe that beer should be sold inside the stadium during football games.

Just over 12% of voters said the current rules should remain in place.

This year’s Cowboy Kickoff Concert and Pep Rally, held on Friday, September 2nd, will mark the first time that beer sales will be allowed inside War Memorial Stadium.

While UW officials don’t currently plan to sell beer inside during football games, the Cowboy Kickoff Concert could be a test run for future seasons.

In recent years, several major Universities across the country have begun selling beer at sporting events. For cash-strapped athletic programs, beer sales have tapped into a lucrative new source of revenue.