An online poll of over 2,000 people at the Townsquare Media of Cheyenne websites over the past week found strong support for a mix of country and classic rock for future Cheyenne Frontier Days night show line-ups.

The survey, which was posted on the websites a week ago, found 875 people, or just under 40 percent, supporting a mixture of country and classic rock.

The second most popular response was traditional country, supported by 573 people, or just over 25 percent. Just over 10 percent said they would like to see alternative rock acts included in the CFD night show lineup,  while 9.4 percent clamored for pop music.

''Bro country" was cited as the choice of only 1.66 percent. Meanwhile, just under 14 percent agreed with the statement that ''This year's lineup was great."

The admittedly unscientific survey was answered by a total of 2,233 people on the websites of KGAB-AM, 1063 Cowboy Country (KLEN-FM) and 1019 KING (KIGN-FM).


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