A proposed University of Wyoming marketing slogan is generating some criticism.

University of Wyoming spokesman Chad Baldwin told Townsquare Media Monday that the phrase ''The world needs more cowboys" would be the tagline on a planned marketing campaign if the campaign is approved by university trustees at a meeting later this week.

Baldwin says it's important to understand that the phrase would be accompanied by other taglines that would provide more details. He also says the campaign would make it clear that the phrase "cowboys," rather than being race or gender-specific would apply to all UW faculty, students, and anyone else associated with the university.

Baldwin confirmed that his office has received some criticism of the proposed tagline as being racist and/or sexist, but he says he feels the criticism is misplaced given the broader themes and imagery planned for the campaign.

The University of Wyoming Committee on Women and People of Color has written a letter both to Baldwin and UW President Laurie Nichols asking that the slogan be replaced with one that better expresses the diversity the university strives for.

A Colorado company was paid $500,000 to develop the campaign.

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