In chapter one of the story of ‘Pete The Pelican,’ we learned the bird had been found in a parking lot and it was discovered that he had swallowed a fishhook. Wyoming Game and Fish took him to Cheyenne Pet Clinic where they gave him the loving and professional care he needed, along with his new name, ‘Pete.’

But this complicated case would call for a specialized procedure, and on Thursday, Sept. 28, Dr. Craig Webb from CSU came with an endoscope* and for an entire hour, they located and tried to remove the hook, but it was too embedded.


“After 9 Dr.'s consulted, it was determined that it should stay where it is and not try to do any more damage with more procedures. Surgery would be too risky and stir up even more problems..”

- Brooke Church, owner Cheyenne Pet Clinic

Brooke Church with the Cheyenne Pet Clinic said Pete's health was hopeful.

“He is eating well and not acting neurological (he is actually a very nice pelican as far as pelicans go),” she said. “Pete woke up from anesthesia like a champ and is enjoying his small body of water. Now we wait for the blood results. Best case scenario is his levels are good and we release him in a body of water in Wyoming for him to go on his way!.”

Like Brooke, we pray for the best. She says she will “keep us posted about releasing him and take some video to share.”

Thank you, WG&F Warden Mitch Renteria, Technician Nicole and the loving professionals at Cheyenne Pet Clinic, for giving Pete such excellent care, for sharing his story with photos and video. We look forward to Pete’s return to good health and his freedom in the wild.

Pictured: Cheyenne Pet Clinic technician Nicole worked with Dr. Webb during the endoscopy.

"An endoscopy is a procedure in which your doctor uses specialized instruments to view and operate on the internal organs and vessels of your body. It allows surgeons to view problems within your body without making large incisions.”

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