The Cowboy State has been home to many western movies in its day, even some extraterrestrial movies as well. You can now see all the posters of every movie ever made in Wyoming or about the state as they are on display in the Fort Caspar Museum, according to Oil City News.

The Fort Caspar Museum has been collecting movie posters for years. Finally, after collecting enough posters the museum is putting them on display as apart of their Hollywood in Wyoming exhibit. The collection goes all the way back to 1904 with a silent film called 'Wyoming's Roundup.' They even have a poster from the film 'Shane,' which was praised for its cinematography at the time.

“Hollywood’s fascination with Wyoming is evident in its frequent use of the state’s vast and beautiful landscape, which has been featured in more than 120 films,” said a Fort Caspar press release.

There are 30 posters on display, they will be up until September 8th.

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