This might be the only time we're actually thankful for Wyoming wind. Cheyenne has some of the cleanest air in America, according to a new study ranking the metropolitan areas with the lowest levels of pollution.

Coarse particulate matter in the skies over Cheyenne fell an average of 71 percent below the Environmental Protection Agency standards while the fine particulate matter in the air was 59 percent below the standard. Cheyenne also has a low level of ozone pollution, recording only one day with high ozone levels in 2019. Overall, Cheyenne ranked 31st nationwide.

Casper finished 35th in the study, with levels of coarse particulate matter in the atmosphere even lower than Cheyenne. Evanston, in the southwestern corner of the Cowboy State, ranked 15th nationwide. While Wyoming is well known for mining fossil fuels traditionally associated with high levels of pollution, climatologists credit strong winds for keeping the air clean across the Cowboy State.

Burlington, Vt. topped the clean air study with Boston, Mass., Minot, N.D., Winchester, Va. and Hartford, Conn. rounded out the five metropolitan areas with the cleanest air in America.



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