Let it be known that I disagree whole heartedly.

I am a Christmas music lover. I actually started dipping into the holly and jolly music back in October when I was feeling a little blue. Go ahead and judge, but this year has shown us that sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to take care of yourself.

And for some that may mean not listening to Christmas music.

There is a report floating around the internet that states psychologists think Christmas music may have a negative impact on someone's mental health. They are quick to say that for some people it will be a positive thing, but for others it can actually cause stress and anxiety. As strange as it sounds, it kind of makes since.

These psychologist say that Christmas music can make people feel "trapped."

That trapped feeling can come in the form of pressure to make the holidays great, pressure to get it all done before the big day arrives, pressure organize and plan everything. It sounds like Perry Como singing "Home for the Holidays" can actually make someone feel stress about actually going home for the holidays. And it only gets worse the more you hear it.

I'm willing to bet that those people who don't like seeing Christmas decorations go up before Thanksgiving have a similar reaction.

Since many retailers tend to play Christmas music at this time of year, if you feel angst walking into a store, these psychologists recommend you walk right back out. With today's technology, you can shop just about anywhere online. So crank up your heavy metal, your country music, your electronic disco... whatever, and shop at home!

You may find yourself in a much better headspace this holiday season.

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