Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age recently made quite a memorable entrance to a party in the Hollywood Hills, in a manner of speaking. The frontman was allegedly run off the road by an out of control Range Rover only to end up smashing into a fence, literally crashing an outdoor party.

Homme, who has been out on the press circuit promoting QOTSA’s new disc ‘…Like Clockwork’ told about the recent accident that landed his beloved 1967 Camaro straight into a wall. Homme said that in order to avoid a head-on collision with the SUV on the narrow road, he had no choice but to veer off course, landing him in the precarious predicament.

Homme, making light of the situation, told how things went down after that. "I quickly said, 'Sorry I’m late!' to the party guests and climbed out of his vehicle to do damage control. "So I get out [of the car], and there was this guy who kind of looked like Kyle Glass [of Tenacious D] across the street, and he’s got a guitar on,” explained Homme. “He goes, ‘Dude, Queens of the Stone Age just ran through the fence across the street!’ And then [the driver of the Range Rover] goes, ‘I’m on 'One Tree Hill!'’ I go, ‘That’s not the way to make fans. And by the way, I almost hit one tree on this hill.’”

Luckily it seems that Homme and the actress both walked away relatively unscathed although no reports on what kind of damage was done to the Camaro or the fence.

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