Who hasn’t started drooling when the smell of steaks on the grill wafts across the back yard fence from the neighbor’s home? I don’t think our next door neighbor’s new food will get the same reaction.

Lincoln, Nebraska startup Bugeater Foods is developing different kinds of food made out of crickets. They already have a protein shake on the market, and now they're working on pasta. Believing you need more crickets in your diet, their plan to feed the world is gaining traction.

Their website said they were sold out when I checked on 2/18/17, so maybe their cricket based flour is that popular.

Bugeater Foods Jump is not cheap at $40, saying:

Bugeater Foods' Jump is rich in protein, potassium, fiber and iron. Benefiting from cricket flour, this protein gives your body what it needs to be healthier... and a lot of it! Not only are crickets an amazing source of protein, but they are also high in micronutrients like calcium and B vitamins.

Why crickets? Crickets are more environmentally friendly than other protein sources as well as higher in iron and omega 3 fatty acids! With seven packets in each box, replace a meal or refuel after a tough workout with Bugeater Foods' Jump, the perfect chocolate flavored cricket protein.

Insects are more sustainable, using 98 percent less water, 98 percent less feed and 95 percent less land as some traditional sources of protein.

Wyoming is cattle country and I love a great steak. I may be stuck in my ways and closed minded to migrating to eating insect based meals that much of the world utilizes, but I’d be buggin’ if crickets were the coming default for protein. But I would incorporate it somewhat in my diet if it helps our earth. Would you?

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