Cheyenne Insect Invasion
Everywhere you look in downtown Cheyenne are little... white... flying... buggy....moths?
Well, whatever they are, they are everywhere...
Last fall I had the opportunity to broadcast a football game in Sheridan, Wyoming. The press box was crawling with these guys, the door to my hotel room was crawlin…
Bee in your House?
Have you ever had a bee in your house?
We recently put our window air conditioners in and before we sealed up the gaps, a flying insect was buzzing around our Cheyenne house. How do you catch a bee?
Praying Mantis Downtown
Have you ever spotted a praying mantis here in Cheyenne?
While walking to the parking lot of the ANB Bank last week, I encountered this praying mantis on the sidewalk near the drive-up ATM along with lots of other insects and beetles, some of them probably became her dinner.