Have you ever had a bee in your house?

We recently put our window air conditioners in and before we sealed up the gaps, a flying insect was buzzing around our Cheyenne house. How do you catch a bee?

I was looking out the window when I first saw what looked like a wasp. I thought it was on the outside but then realized it was right next to my face inside the screen. I shut the glass part down fast and trapped the insect between the screen and the window. Later, my wife unknowingly opened the window but luckily the hornet or wasp had died already. This was only one of the dramas involving a bee in our house.

My son had been hearing loud buzzing noises coming from around the window and later in the day we discovered the source, we had a large bumble bee hanging out in our living room. What do we do now?

I sprang into action, finding a Wendy's drinking cup and ads from the newspaper. I cautiously approached the bee on the corner of the furniture and quickly put the cup over the insect. Then I slid some of the ads between the cup and the couch and carefully moved toward the door.

The angry bee was buzzing so loudly I thought the vibrations were going to make me lose my grip on the plastic cup, but I was able to get it onto the front porch.

Bee Cup Trap
Mike Rorabeck/Townsquare Media

We left it outdoors, thinking the wind would knock over the cup and release the bee. The next morning the cup was still standing and underneath the bee was dead.

These are a couple ways to get a bee out of your Cheyenne house, how would you remove an unwanted insect from your place? You could always call a professional like Benzel Pest Control.

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