Rapper Pusha T is just one of a long line of hip hop musicians to spend time in Wyoming recently.

Most of the musicians are arriving in support and to work with Kanye West, who has brought national news to Jackson, Wyoming, after setting up his recording studio in the town of just over 10,500 people.

Pusha recently gave an interview with GQ Magazine and spoke about joining Kanye in Wyoming. He also told a story about a "menacing" fox that wouldn't leave him alone.

Pusha told GQ...

I was chased by a fox. I was in their habitat, invading their habitat. I ran, but it kept coming towards me. I was for sure [scared] I'm not an outdoors person.

Pusha T also said the experience of working in Wyoming was overall a great one...

It had a very rehab type of feel. Secluded, away, super laser focused on the music. Clean living. Disconnected from everybody except those who are about the art. I was just focused on health.

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