Are you looking for a more luxe AirBnB experience, or are you just curious about how high that price slider can go, like me?

I'm used to staying in yurts and tiny one-bedroom cabins on AirBnB, which is why it was interesting to stumble upon the "rich rich" side of the website, where condos and mansions can be yours for one night as long as you slap down my entire savings account.

The interesting part about this residence is that it's impressive, but not that impressive. I'm Imagining the price has something to do with its amazing location right in the heart of Aspen and modern finishes but honestly, I don't think I'd pay more than $100 a night for this (but would I really pay more than $100 a night for anything? No.)

Tell me if I'm crazy for saying that, and flip through the gallery below:

You'll have to essentially provide a background check to stay in this insane space, but maybe it's all worth it. Is it? Let us know in the comments.

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