Last week we asked Wyoming residents what major sporting event they'd most like to see in the Cowboy State. An overwhelming majority, voted for football options.

The results were nearly split in half between NFL and NCAA football fans, however. Here's how the poll results broke down...

  1. An NFL Preseason Game - 21%
  2. A NCAA Football Bowl Game - 15%
  3. NCAA Basketball Tournament Games - 11%
  4. An NHL Preseason Game 8%
  5. PGA Golf Tournament 8%
  6. NASCAR Race 6%
  7. An MLB Spring Training Game 5%

8th place was split between six different choices, all gathering 3% of the vote. Those picks were: an MLS game, an IndyCar race, a professional rugby match, a major horse race, a UFC event, and professional wrestling.

9th place was also a tie between three options, all getting nearly 2% of the overall vote. Those included: An NBA preseason game, English Premier League Soccer, and a major boxing match.

We also received three write-in options. Those were: "Professional Beer Drinking," "CBA Basketball," and "the NFL."

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