The COVID-19 pandemic has caused so many changes with everyday life, but as we strive to move forward, the worst has come in some people.

A radio disc jockey in West Virginia by the name of Will Shumate recently posted a picture of a restaurant receipt to his personal Facebook page were the patron left no tip and a rude message that said: "I don't like your mask". Shumate posted the following message with the photo that stated:

Seeing so much of this today. People making fun of the servers wearing masks in restaurants and writing ZERO tip on the bill. Listen, maybe some should have stayed home with a balona sandwich instead, but our local food service industry folks have been struggling the last 2 months, returning to work in these conditions making less than minimum wage. I know you may have forgotten how to act in public, but this is how they make their living. Please TIP them and don't make fun of their masks. #tipyourwaitstaff #respectpeoplewhohonestlyworkforaliving #haveaheartandtip

Shumate said this was not an isolated incident either. His post has already been shared more than 17,000 times and has over 2700 comments.

While we haven't heard of anything like this happening locally, there have been several very negative things circulating locally on several different social media outlets about similar issues.

Considering how hard times are financially right now, why anyone would do something like this, especially to those in the food service industry, is truly atrocious behavior. For one, for most businesses, face covering is mandatory. Why even go out to eat if you know beforehand the establishment has these types of rules in place?

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Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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