Forbes Magazine is listing of the wealthiest people in every state and Wyoming has one from Mars.

In Wyoming, it’s a tie between two brothers, John and Forrest Mars Jr., with a net worth of $22.9 Billion, who own one of the largest candy making companies in the world, Mars, Incorporated, who not only make the Milky Way candy bars, Snickers, M&M’s, Twix and a slew of other candy products,)  but a bevy of other products and own several successful businesses like PetcoSymbioscience and Wrigley, which not only makes Juicy Fruit and Doublemint Gum, but Skittles, Starburst and LifeSavers.  They also make other well-known brands that you probably wouldn’t associate with the Mars Company, like Uncle Ben’s rice, and pet foods such as Whiskas cat food, and Pedigree dog food!

When founder Forrest Sr. passed away, his 3 children, John, Forrest Jr. and Jaqueline became the main directors. John Mars resides in Jackson, Wyoming, and his brother Forrest Jr. had a residence in both McLean, Virginia, and Big Horn, Wyoming.  Sadly, Forrest Jr. passed away on July 26th 2016, at 84, but his legacy will forever live on as visionary, business man, philanthropist, and as one of the richest men in Wyoming!

As for our Cowboy State neighbors, in Utah, Gail Miller is the widow of Larry Miller, who gave Gail 100% ownership his businesses, of over 55 car dealerships, 17 theaters and NBA team Utah Jazz, which, in all, has given Gail Miller a net worth of $1.6 Billion dollars!

Montana's self made Dennis Washington amassed a $5.9 Billion empire in mining and construction.

South Dakota has T. Denny Sandford, owner of First Premier Bank, based in Sioux Falls.  He only has 12 branches, however these branches are actually one of the biggest companies that issue both Visa and Mastercards, who, according to Forbes, “specializes in offering high-risk borrowers cards with steep interest rates and low credit limits.” This lucrative business gives him a net worth of 1.6 Billion.   Even though Sandford still owns the company, he’s all about charity, giving a slew of his wealth away to Sandford Health, formerly known as Sioux Valley Health Systems that consists of 43 nonprofit hospitals.  He’s also given to other hospitals as well as children charities, including one he came up with himself, “Sandford Harmony”, a program designed for kids in grades preschool to sixth grade, that develops strong classroom relationships between all students, to reduce bullying, and to reach a goal of instilling values to these kids, so that they will grow up to be caring and compassionate adults.   This article in Forbes states that Sanford has a goal of “dying broke,” which is why he’s giving away much of his wealth.  This would be a goal I would like to personally help him reach, if you know what I mean.

Nebraska's Warren Buffet managed to avoid begging in the streets by growing his Berkshire Hathaway fortune to $67.9 Billion. He also plans to give his fortune away along with Bill Gates and others.

Colorado can boast about their richest resident, Charles Ergen, who, according to some sources, became a professional gambler after graduating college, only to be tossed out of Las Vegas for counting cards.  He later teamed up with a friend of his, along with his wife, and they started their own business of sorts, selling satellite dishes right out of the back of their truck to Denver residents.  No wonder he’s now the CEO of DISH Networks, and rakes in a cool $13.3 Billion.

In Idaho, Scott Simplot made his money the old fashioned way, by inheritance of a fertilizer fortune worth $2.1 Billion.

I wonder what the Mars family will be handing out for Halloween this year?

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