Don't knock that gas station cup of joe before you try it!

The world runs on caffeine, don't you know? I'm willing to bet there is some serious money to be made in the coffee world. Without that cup of joe in the morning, the world would come to a screeching halt. It's this precise reason that National Coffee Day is a thing and we don't mind celebrating all year long. It's like leaving your Christmas lights up for 365 days.

Coffee is also our saving grace on those long road trips we tend to take this time of the year. Many of us are looking to get out of town for a long weekend or we're already planning some trips home to see family. After all, the holiday season is right around the corner.

For these trips, we turn to gas station coffee.

I've found some pretty good caffeine fixes at convenience stores. The best I've had is at Buc-ee's in Texas. #CinnamonBunIndulgence FTW. Although, I'm not sure there is actual caffeine in that liquid gold. The point is that some stops are doing things right.

Recently GasBuddy found convenience stores' "Best Coffee Brands by State."

Overall they found that coffee is the number one purchase at a convenience store and the best coffee is indeed found in Texas and it is indeed found at Buc-ee's. I know, it's like I'm psychic. They then broke things down state by state. This will come in handy when you're road tripping across the state.

In Wyoming, the top stop for coffee is Maverik.

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