Throughout its history, the annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony has provided its share of emotional reunions, hysterical speeches and dazzling performances. But there's also a flip side to this featuring some of the most awkward moments you'll ever see onstage.

The 17 moments below show what happen when it's not all smiles -- especially among former bandmates. For every reunion that goes smoothly, like Richie Sambora playing with Bon Jovi for the first time in five years at their 2018 induction, you have John Fogerty performing with Bruce Springsteen and Robbie Robertson instead of the guys he rose to fame with in Creedence Clearwater Revival. Or John Paul Jones chastising onetime Led Zeppelin bandmates Robert Plant and Jimmy Page for recording and touring without him.

But at least they attended the ceremony. There have been plenty of no-shows over the years too. Like the months of headlines surrounding Guns N' Roses' 2012 induction that resulted in Axl Rose skipping the evening, and Mark Knopfler's refusal to attend the ceremony that meant no  performances to honor Dire Straits in 2018.

Others used their inductions as an opportunity to express longstanding issues with the Rock Hall. Jann Wenner once read a profanity-filled letter criticizing the organization on behalf of the Sex Pistols; meanwhile, Steve Miller lashed into the institution during the ceremony and for nearly two months afterward.

And then you have the speeches that nobody could make sense of, such as Mike Love famously looking to settle heretofore-unknown scores during the Beach Boys' induction, and Phil Spector rambling on for 20 minutes. You can check them all out below.

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