Colorado’s Beaver Creek fire has crossed into Wyoming, and will likely burn until the snow flies in October. What happens in Northern Colorado concerns The Cowboy State. With the current high fire danger, extra steps need to be taken.

There were two illegal campfires this week and the people who set them were issued citations. According to CBS Denver, “The fire danger has led the Bureau of Land Management to ban campfires except in established fire rings on its lands in central and northern Colorado.”

The Denver Post reminds us “In fall 2012, the Fern Lake fire started from an illegal campfire and burned more than 3,000 acres of pristine wilderness, leading to a partial evacuation of Estes Park and racking up more than $6 million in firefighting costs.”

The recent Cold Springs fire near Nederland, Colorado is thought to have been started by a couple of Alabama transients who failed to put out a campfire and are facing charges.

Know that campfires are only allowed in designated areas and not in the back country. I'd love to say 'use common sense' but we see what comes of that expectation all of the time

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