If you remember last Monday, it was fun, breezy, and cool after both the Pokes and Broncos came away with wins. This Monday, not the same flavor. The hits keep coming for the Pokes, but I'll explain more in a second as we won't get to watch them this upcoming weekend.

Let's start off with the Broncos. They were down the entire game yesterday against the porous Atlanta Falcons. If you were like me and saw the Broncos down 20-0 you still had the thought in your head, "yeah, the Broncos can still win this, Atlanta is going to collapse like they normally do". Except, they didn't, this time at least. They tried to though. Drew Lock was really close to hitting Jerry Jeudy for a big haul to tie up the game in the winding minutes of the fourth quarter. Those two could be really fun to watch for years to come as it seems they're getting in sync.

I mean, Lock isn't Lamar Jackson, but this was a pretty solid sneak for 6. I'll take that all day.

Now on to the Pokes. Woof. In what none of us really expected, the low down, dirty, don't brush their teeth CSU Rams came out firing. There isn't a ton to look at on this, or really any silver linings. The Pokes just had it handed to them, so maybe the pill of that is more of an issue of swallowing than the loss itself.

And worse.

With already a shortened schedule, we have to miss one of the games. This one won't be made up and they're calling it a no-contest due to Covid.

The Broncos have a tough test coming up this Sunday Afternoon with the Vegas Raiders. Let's see if the Broncos can handle the upstart Raiders and come back to Denver with a win.

Go Broncos.

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