Hitting a fastball delivered by a Major League pitcher is about as likely as the Seattle Mariners winning a World Series -- it just doesn't seem possible.

How, exactly, does this happen, then?

This helpful video from Business Insider sheds some very interesting light on the subject. It's pretty remarkable hitters are able to foul off balls, let alone drill them 400 feet for home runs, when you consider it takes an average fastball 400 milliseconds to get from the pitcher's hand to the catcher's glove. That's quicker than instantaneous.

Add in other important factors hitters must deal with, like recognizing the ball, deciding to swing and then physically swinging the bat in the hopes of getting a hit and the odds of putting a ball in play seem as minuscule as those Mariners hoisting a World Series trophy come October.

When you look at all that's involved, you can have an even greater appreciation for someone being labeled great when they succeed only 30% of the time.

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