The ages of reaching into the freezer for a pizza may soon become history. Believe it or not, science has finally created a pizza that has a three-year shelf life. But the question is....would you eat it?

No, it’s not DiGiorno or Tombstone. It’s a meal that's ready for eating - known as an MRE — created for our military soldiers. In combat zones where field kitchens are not an option, soldiers rely on these meals, which don’t need to be refrigerated or frozen.

Like most Americans, our soldiers love pizza. In fact, it was the number one requested MRE (The current soldier favorite is spaghetti). But up until now military food scientists could not figure out how to make the sauce and cheese. A problem is that they discovered sauce and cheese released all of its moisture into the crust, making for soggy pizza, which no one really wants to eat.

The culinary scientific geniuses at a U.S. military lab in Massachusetts fiddled with the ingredients, added stuff in the sauce and cheese that retain moisture, and redesigned the packaging of the shelf stable pizza. The result: a slice of pepperoni pizza that can be enjoyed right out of the bag.

It might not be the same as a pizza pie fresh from a pizzeria's oven, or your oven at home. But out in the field and combat zones, a piece of room-temperature pizza would probably be a welcomed sight for our U.S. soldiers--It will give them a little taste of home. (Everyone sing...."When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like A Big Pizza Pie...That's Amore.")

Would you be willing to try a slice of this pizza? Hmmm....I'm not so sure I would want to eat a freeze-dried pizza or eat a pizza that's been sitting up to three years in a baggie.