Germany’s best-selling music group in history, Scorpions have been rocking like hurricanes for more than half a century now. But all that rocking hasn’t always been easy, thus far requiring the services of some 20 musicians, at one point or another. We're taking a look at their numerous lineup changes in the gallery below.

In fact, the only constant member since the band’s inception, way back in 1965, has been rhythm guitarist Rudolf Schenker whose dogged tenacity and inspired riffs have pretty much defined and driven the band forward, across several musical mutations, and despite whatever challenges were cast in their path.

In retrospect, it’s safe to say that the Scorpions needed about a decade of experimentation before they found their hard rock comfort zone, and after squeezing it for all it was worth for the remainder of the ‘70s, the glorious ‘80s, and the challenging ‘90s, the band only strayed a bit before musical trends circled back and met up with them again, on their own terms.

Another notable feature of the Scorpions was introducing the world to, not one, but two positively legendary lead guitarists in Michael Schenker and Uli Jon Roth (plus the extremely talented Matthias Jabs.) Lead singer Klaus Meine, who joined the band in ‘69 and wrote their biggest global hit in “Winds of Change,” is certainly no slouch, either.

Today, the Scorpions have grown so indestructible that not even they seem capable of killing themselves off. After all, their highly publicized farewell tour of 2011 the band rethought their plans and just keeps on going to the delight of their fans across the world.

Here’s our complete guide of the Scorpions’ lineup changes over the years.

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