The Scorpions hit song "No One Like You" has been sampled in "4 Da Gang," the newest song by rappers 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch.

The Blackout album track, which was released in 1982, is used at the beginning of "4 Da Gang," starting at the "No One Like You" chorus. There's an audio filter laid over the refrain, which gives off the vibe that the rappers have the song on in the background as they then kick off their own music with a few lyrical lines. A heavy bass beat counts in and the sample vanishes, reappearing for a blip at the very end of the 2-and-a-half-minute song.

A music video for the 42 Dugg and Roddy Ricch song is expected to arrive sometime in the near future. As XXL reported, gunfire opened up during the video shoot in Atlanta, Georgia, in late February and neither artist was injured during the event.

Listen to "4 Da Gang" further down the page.

As the world continues to reel from the impact of the devastating coronavirus pandemic, it is uncertain when fans will get new music from the Scorpions. The group has long been at work at what will be their 19th studio album and released one new song, "Sign of Hope," in April of last year. Their Las Vegas residency alongside Queensryche, originally set for 2020, has now been pushed to 2022, and those dates can be seen here.

42 Dugg + Roddy Ricch, "4 Da Gang" Feat. Scorpions "No One Like You" Sample

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