Cheyenne City Councilman Scott Roybal says when the voters think of his campaign for Mayor of Cheyenne, he hopes the word that comes to mind is "progressive."

He says his attitude is ''don't tell me what we can't do, tell me what we can do."

Roybal was born in Laramie but has lived in Cheyenne since 1963, attending local schools and the University of Wyoming. He has worked in sales and as a sales manager, where he says he developed a ''win-win" attitude towards business deals.

Roybal previously served on the Cheyenne City Council from 1998-2002 and is also a current council member.

As the only council member to announce a run for mayor, he says he feels that his background means he'll be ready to step into the job of mayor on day 1 "with no learning curve."

With the budget challenges facing the city likely to continue into the future, Roybal says it's important to set spending priorities. He says his top priorities would be health, safety and welfare. He says that first and foremost means protecting Cheyenne residents and making sure they get the needed police and fire protection.

Roybal says another big issue is fixing the city's aging infrastructure, including streets and alleys.

Roybal joins Amy Surdam, Pete Illoway and Marian Orr as candidates who have filed the needed paperwork to run for Mayor of Cheyenne.

Candidates have until May 27 to file for the August primary election. Incumbent Mayor Rick Kaysen says he won't run for a third term this year.