Courtesy of candidate
Courtesy of candidate

A Cheyenne military veteran has announced plans to run for House District 41 in the Wyoming Legislature.

Sean Castaneda is a Cheyenne native who served for eight years in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve.

That included duty as the Economic and Political Information Chief for Helmand and Nimruz Provinces in Afghanistan, as well as deployment in Africa. Casteneda, who is a Democrat, says if he is elected one of his priorities would be to work for diversification of the Wyoming economy beyond its traditional emphasis on the energy industry.

While Castaneda says he isn't calling for a move away from energy industry revenues "change is happening at the fastest pace in human history."

He goes on to say "For our state to rely solely on its natural resources will not allow us to keep up with the changes around us."

Castaneda also says he will push for more education funding and would work hard for Wyoming veterans. He is a manager at Wasabi restaurant and a 2006 graduate of Cheyenne East High School.

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