Planning a beach vacation this summer? Better watch out for these guys...

When that summer season comes around, you can definitely find me on a beach somewhere. And we've probably all seen this scenario as least once or twice in our lives while on vacation. A sweet family is enjoying time at the beach. They sit down with their waterside picnic and put out a spread. Their youngest child grabs a piece of bread and holds it out to the seagull.

At first, it's cute. The mom chuckles and dad grabs the phone to snap a photo. It's probably the child's first experience with a wild animal. But then another seagull flies in. And another. And another.

Turns out these guys can get pretty aggressive, pretty quickly.

According to a business owners in Florida, these birds will swarm when they see food. And if you're willing to share, well then you might as well open up the buffet and then vacate the premises... FAST. One cook told WFTS that they seagulls target small children and "dive-bomb" them to get what they want.

I grew up on the west coast and can attest to this. I have never seen anyone get seriously injured because of these birds, but it's pretty frightening when there is a huge swarm of them overhead. They are, after all, wild animals. My advice is to eat before heading to the water on your next vacation.

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