Thinking of taking some pictures in Yellowstone National Park? Fine, but be respectful. And for those that want to PHOTOGRAPH Yellowstone, (yes, there is a difference), slow your roll, mind your manners and start thinking about wearing protection. Things are getting out of hand.

Wild World - Nature Photography by Deby Dixon


One who knows we are stewards of our planet, Deby Dixon with Wild World - Nature Photography  is a talented photographer with a love and respect for nature, who has noted:

“Times are changing here in Yellowstone. The crowds are growing, bear fever is making people nuts, and photos are harder to come by. And, amongst the regulars who come to the park to take photos, I see an over-the-top competitive attitude, anger, angst and a general unhappiness.”

“Visitors and unethical photographers are running after animals and pushing and shoving to get a shot. I've seen people surround a grizzly sow and cubs at 15', a family with young kids run after a black bear family, people telling others to get out of their way because it is their turn to get a shot.”

(There are) “people constantly walking and standing in front of people's cameras, shouting, running and continually parking in the road and leaving car doors open while the occupants pile out and run down an animal or three.”

“The disrespect has grown by leaps and bounds. Visitors resent us with big lenses and will constantly block us. There is no way to get shots at legal distances due to the crowds surrounding the animals.”

Wild World - Nature Photography by Deby Dixon


For 5 years Deby has loved sharing information with the beauty of Yellowstone’s animals, but that has changed. She says “I can no longer, in good conscience, share up to date location information on the wildlife because they are being mobbed by large crowds already.”

It seems the digital age is causing big problems with people posting location information on social sites and texting real time information that has animals suddenly surrounded by hordes of increasingly rude and disrespectful camera slingers who only care about getting their trophy shot.

Wild World - Nature Photography by Deby Dixon


And then there is her concern for some of the more popular animals that get named, become icons, and then potentially become a trophy on someone’s wall if they wander outside of the park or fall victim to poachers.

At least one person is taking a stand for the animals. Good luck, and thank you Deby. Check out her work and posts.


Personal note; Getting quality photographs and video is expensive and difficult. Countless hours go into the possibility of getting one great shot or a few seconds of video. Packing heavy gear while slogging through mountains, woods, swamps, streams and fields filled with mosquitos, snow, heat and cold.


Here’s to those who do so much to bring all of us the beauty that only a lucky few get to see and capture. Here’s to your success and the success of the park rangers, staff and citizens concerning themselves with protecting OUR national parks and animals.