We all know how important truck drivers are to our way of living. Without truckers, getting your packages from Amazon or your groceries from the grocery store would be extremely difficult.

They're on the road 24/7, they drive in tough weather situations and bad road conditions and have to get to the destination promptly to deliver the load they're carrying.

Safety is sometimes a concern when they're on the road and pushing extra hard to get down the road. Some drivers get upset with other drivers because of their erratic driving.

According to a report released at the beginning of 2022, accidents in Wyoming involving medium / heavy truck totaled 3,189 combined in 2019 & 2020. In a national study, the US Department of Transportation says that commercial trucks are only involved in 2.4% of all car accidents.

When you're driving down a Wyoming road and you see a big rig come up on you, you're surely going to tense up. When you add Wyoming wind and weather together, the possibility of an accident goes up.

You can see from this truck drivers video that was posted on Instagram, trucks going too fast also irritates other drivers.

The video is taken from the cab of a truck that's moving fairly slowly on a Wyoming interstate that has snow and just passed a digital sign that says there's an accident ahead.

Even though the warnings have been made, trucks continue to speed around other trucks.

The trucking world is important to all of us, we wish them all a safe journey.

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