Be extra careful when traveling down this road.

Just the other day while I was driving around town, I thought about how driving is a collective effort. We all depend on each other to obey the rules of the road and keep off of distractions while behind the wheel. We expect each other to be responsible drivers and look out for one another.

Driving is dangerous.

We are putting ourselves in giant metal cans that can seriously hurt us or even take our lives. I don't say that to scare you, but as a reminder to keep in mind what a big responsibility driving is. According to data released by Car Insurance Comparison, you're way more likely to be in driving accident than a flying accident.

Check out theses stats...

Driving: There are 5 million accidents every 100 million miles and 1.27 deaths every 100 million miles. The odds of you dying in a car accident at 1 in 98.

Flying: There are 20 accidents every 100 million miles and 1 deaths every 100 million miles. Your odds of dying in a plane accident at 1 in 7,178.

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Believe it or not, there are some stretches road that tend to see more accidents and fatalities than others. This could be due to drivers' negligence, the weather, or the road itself being in poor condition. Recently we found a list of the Deadliest Highway in Every State.

For Wyoming, that's Interstate 80.

According to the list, put out by CBS, this road sees more deaths each year than others across the state. On average, there are 21 fatalities each year. This stretch of road runs east and west through the southern part of the state.

How often have you seen an accident on this highway?

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