'90s alt rock icon turned pop superstar turned country girl Gwen Stefani made a surprise guest appearance during Blake Shelton's set at Cheyenne Frontier Days on Saturday night. But, it wasn't just for a duet of their songs 'Nobody But You' and 'Happy Anywhere.'

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Shelton was the headlining act to close out Frontier Nights on July 31, but the newlywed couple stunned the crowd when Stefani, in her white cowgirl boots, took the stage to the intro of No Doubt's 1995 hit, 'Don't Speak.' As she joined her now-husband Shelton on his headlining night, Stefani sang the song she famously penned about her painful breakup from her No Doubt bandmate, Tony Kanal.

In a 2012 article from HuffPost, Stefani said that 'she had dreams of marrying the bassist, but those were shattered when he ended their relationship in 1994.'

'The singer wrote one of the band’s most popular songs, 'Don’t Speak,' about their breakup,' the article said. 'To this day, the two agree that it was one of the most difficult times.'

Gwen Stefani, Instagram

Admittedly, being there this weekend would have given me goosebumps. The track is from the ska band's album Tragic Kingdom, one of my favorites. I was a huge No Doubt fan when I was younger (and still am). I heard the song on the radio all the time when I was a kid in Wyoming (my mom even let my spray color my hair pink like Gwen's — thanks, Mom).You can see a clip of the performance in the Instagram video from Kimberly Brockman, below.

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