It's not for the faint of heart, but it is one of the most popular mountain trails in Wyoming. New video shows what makes Cloud Peak such a unique experience that's not in the Wind River or Teton ranges.

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YouTuber Mediocre Amateur (which is an ironic name since he seems like he's a pro who knows what he's doing) just shared his journey up Cloud Peak. All Trails shows this is a very challenging hike that easily requires at least 12 hours up and back and that's being conservative.

Here's how the YouTube guy described his journey:

Running and boulder hopping in some of the finest Wyoming landscape. The tallest peak in the Cloud Peak Wilderness inside the Bighorn National Forrest is Cloud Peak. At just over 13,100 ft Cloud Peak is somewhere in the 20’s when it comes to the Tallest Peaks of Wyoming. But it’s the tallest peak outside of any mountain range not called The Wind Rivers or Tetons. It stands alone in the Big Horns tall and unchallenged.

Out of the over 22 mile hike, he estimates around 6 miles involves rock/boulder hopping.

The reviews of Cloud Peak on All Trails emphasize how hard this climb is and how important it is to stick to the trail. But, is it worth it? Most say absolutely especially when you consider the payoff of that view from the summit. Sweet.

Definitely recommend checking out all the advisories and tips on All Trails before finding out for yourself if Cloud Peak is an experience you can safely do yourself.

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