Wyoming’s senior U.S. Senator, Mike Enzi, issued a statement concerning the 11th anniversary of September 11, 2001.  The statement was made available in a press release distributed Monday.

“Over a decade ago we stood together as Americans, we were united. American flags hung from every window, flew from every doorstep. We got to know our neighbors and looked out for complete strangers. That emphasis we placed on getting to know the people around us was something I will never forget. I truly believe if we spent more time getting to know one another, our nation would be a lot less divided and a lot more united.”

“Our freedoms aren’t free and we can never forget that. Generations of men and women have heeded the call to serve and defend their country, often paying the ultimate price for the nation they loved. Their sacrifices are what we should honor today.”

“We dare to dream about a better tomorrow, a future that we can be proud to pass to our children and grandchildren, hoping full-well that what we leave them is better than the country we grew up in. It’s our responsibility, it’s our duty.”