Some educators across the nation are discussing changes for the upcoming school year.

As we continue to navigate this pandemic, there are more questions regarding the second half of the year. Although we're not quite sure what to expect, many of us are hopeful for a return to normalcy by summertime. How about the events following the summer, like the upcoming school year?

I noticed an article on social media out of Houston about schools discussing options for the new year. Many schools have been closed for the rest of this academic year however, educators could be considering changes for the new school year. In Houston, they are considering longer school days or even a longer school year.

What do you think?

I'm not a parent so I don't think my opinion counts here. However, if you are a parent, would you want to get some of those school days back? Some would argue that more time in the classroom next year would be like an-eye-for-an-eye, while others feel that it would help any gaps in education for their kids. Of course, this is all based on how the next few months go. Barring any hiccups, school should be starting on schedule this fall.

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