A single mom in Massachusetts won $200 on a scratch-off lottery ticket this past Saturday.  On her way home, Sofia Lorena saw a homeless guy in his 60's or 70's begging for change.  The temperature was heading to 8° below zero that night, so she picked him up and bought him coffee.  And he was so grateful he started crying.


Then Sofia called around to a bunch of homeless shelters in the area, but they were all full.  So she took the $200 she'd just won, and put him up in a MOTEL for three nights. She also got a few people to donate warm clothes . . . a local barber went to his room to give him a haircut . . . and one kid even showed up with a handmade Valentine card.  Glenn has been homeless for three years.


Sofia also posted about it on Facebook, started a page on GoFundMe.com, and has already raised nearly FIFTEEN GRAND.


I know you want to help Kanye West with his $53 Million debt, but think about helping Glenn as well.


If you want to help, just Google "Help give Glenn a second chance." And see Sofia’s Facebook page.