Statistics show the number of drunken driving arrests and alcohol related traffic fatalities peak every year during the holidays. Here's a sobering reminder of just how many drivers will ignore the message.

According to data compiled by the website, Teton County leads the state in DUI arrests, per capita. 162 out of every 10,000 drivers will be arrested for drunken or impaired driving in Teton County every year.

Carbon County has the second highest DUI rate in the Cowboy State, with an average of 127 out of every 10,000 drivers. Platte County isn't far behind, with 124 out of every 10,000 drivers arrested each year. Freemont and Campbell Counties round out the five worst areas for drunken driving in Wyoming.

All told, eight of the state's 23 counties average over 100 DUI arrests for every 10,000 drivers annually.

Niobrara County has the lowest drunken driving rate in the state, with only 28 out of every 10,000 motorists arrested for driving under the influence. However, in spite of the low number of DUI arrests, Niobrara County leads the state in the number of fatal accidents involving alcohol. In fact the rate of fatal DUI related accidents in Niobrara County is more than double the rate of any other county in Wyoming.

In the DADO study, both Albany and Natrona Counties were given a grade of D. DUI arrests in Albany County average 93 for every 10,000 drivers. In Natrona County, 78 out of 10,000 will be drunk or impaired behind the wheel.


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