It's always great when we see local businesses in Wyoming hit it big in competitions. It's a badge of honor for anyone that lives here when we're able to say, "Hey, we have the best of this product".

Well, that badge of honor is now officially in the form of medals for Southeast Wyoming's favorite coffee roasters, Snowy Elk Coffee Co. after they won big in what is known as the "largest coffee roasting competition in the world", the Golden Bean.

In a press release from Newswire, Snowy Elk Coffee owners, Scott and Julie Gondzar, announced the roastery was awarded high praise and medals from the Golden Bean. The Golden Bean took place this year in Columbus, Ohio and there were 700 entries from across the country.

What awards did Snowy Elk Coffee win?

  • A silver medal for their Guatemalan Natural Swiss Water Decaf (decaf category)
  • A bronze medal for their Howlin' Wolf Espresso Blend (milk-based latte category)
  • A bronze medal for their Vedauwoo Moon dark roast (milk-based latte category)
  • A bronze medal for their Morning Bugle light roast (pour-over/filter category)

Now, that is high praise!

You love to see local companies absolutely kill it when they're out competing in nationwide competitions.

It's also worth noting that I start my mornings every morning with fresh coffee from Snowy Elk Coffee; I have my own French press in the studio and drink their Dark Moose Espresso.

Check out below some of the pics of the team from Snowy Elk Coffee Co. and their medals to show that they're a top tier coffee roastery.

Look! Southeast Wyoming's Snowy Elk Coffee Co. Wins Big At Competition

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