Chris Cornell's death came at a particularly busy time for the musician as writing had started on Soundgarden's next album and he had left the door open for collaborating with both Audioslave and Temple of the Dog after successful onstage reunions. In a new interview with Billboard, guitarist Kim Thayil reveals that while it's unlikely the surviving members would continue under the Soundgarden name, there's still plenty of Soundgarden's music that could still arrive, including material they were working on with Cornell at the time of his death.

"We were working on an album and there's material there that we demoed that we can flesh out when we can access some of the basic, multi(-track) recordings, sure. That's being discussed," said Thayil. However, it appears as though other recordings are taking priority.

"Really the Screaming Life and Sub Pop sessions. We recorded enough material for an album-plus, but we only released an EP initially (in 1987), and the moved on to doing the Fopp thing (in 1988) and had some new songs for that. So there were things that were recorded for (a full) album that weren't released because we had to compact it into a nice little EP, which is what Sub Pop was interested in doing," says Thayil when asked about what's on the horizon. He continues, "Because in the early and mid-80s, EPs were punk rock albums and a great way to introduce new artists. So we have other material and Sub Pop is interested in putting it out, so we're gonna do that with Jack Endino mixing."

He adds, "There's interest in putting out the Live at the Paramount that was part of the Badmotorfinger 25th anniversary, in the super deluxe version, as a standalone. We're coming up on the 30th anniversary of Louder Than Love, and the Louder Than Live album was never released commercially, just as a promotional thing. I'm sure there'll be another greatest hits recording. And there are so many lives shows we recorded over the years that have interesting takes and covers."

Thayil, who worked closely on the Chris Cornell box set which arrives tomorrow (Nov. 16), says he's good with the band's legacy if this is it, adding, "I'm completely satisfied, but it needs to be maintained. That's why I'm overseeing the catalog and the merchandise, and I've been doing that all along because it's important that the legacy is understood. There's an ever-expanding demographic of potential Soundgarden fans amidst a shrinking demographic of consumers, so it's important that they there are good ways for them to hear what we did."

The guitarist says that while Matt Cameron and Ben Shepherd had expressed a desire to work together again, he reiterates that it likely won't be under the Soundgarden name. Thayil states, "It's not likely that we could ever do Soundgarden without a missing piece. I'd like to do more with Matt in the future. I'd like to do something with Ben in the future. It's likely Matt and Ben and I will do something in the future -- it just probably won't be Soundgarden. I don't see the dignity in pursuing that course."

Pre-orders for the Chris Cornell box set are currently underway at this location. Meanwhile, a new video starring Cornell's son, Chris Jr., for the song "When Bad Does Good" is also expected to arrive tomorrow (Nov. 16).

Earlier this week, it was revealed that Metallica, Foo Fighters, Ryan Adams and members of all three of Cornell's bands will take part in the I Am the Highway: A Tribute to Chris Cornell concert Jan. 16 at The Forum in Los Angeles. Tickets go on sale tomorrow (Nov. 16) at 10AM PT via Ticketmaster with proceeds benefitting EBMRF.

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