Sometimes you discover something magical. My wife and I like to go on these little "adventures." We take a road trip somewhere close to home but still far enough away. This adventure takes us to Saratoga, WY. What can be found is a spectacular island connected by two crazy suspension bridges.

Wyoming is home to over 30 named islands. Between Saratoga and Encampment is the North Platte River Treasure Island. It sits next to private property but is easy to access. The Treasure Island Homestead is next to the island and is available to rent.

The first thing I notice is the silence and the absolute lack of people. The wind and a few birds are the only sounds. It had snowed the night before, but the warm spring air had melted all ground cover away.

It is a short hike to the suspension bridge leading to the island. The trial could have easily been a game trail rather than an official hiking path. Looking closely at the mud, you can see human, dog, deer, and moose tracks.

The bridge over the Platte River is a little intense. There are thick cables attached to wood planks stretching over the roaring river. The Platte River levels are high from the spring runoff. The white noise of the river washes away all the sounds when crossing the bridge.

There are two bridges by the island. The river still flowed underneath one, but the second had dried up and is not much more than a trickle.

The island itself is an easy hike but has a lot more to offer. Near the center of the island is a teepee made from fallen limbs. It is a great spot to find wildlife. A bald eagle swooped over the river while we visit. Beavers were obvious early settlers on this island paradise.

The park does have a boat ramp for floating and fishing access. According to the Wyoming Game & Fish Department, Treasure Island is open for hunting and trapping. Plus you can camp there for up to 5 days.

Treasure Island Park on North Platte River Outside Saratoga

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