Florida's monkey population has grown by one after the birth of its newest — and perhaps most unique — black-handed spider monkey.

The baby spider monkey was born with a unique marker smack dab in the middle of its tiny face that resembles the famous Batman symbol.

"Our newest spider monkey has a very ~unique~ marking on their face. We have not detected any signs of superpowers yet, but we will keep you posted," the Brevard Zoo captioned an Instagram photo of the baby.

Users commented on the birth of the adorable monkey. "...The baby is precious!" one person wrote, while another commented: "Sooo cute!! A Bruce Wayne baby monkey!!"

See for yourself below:

The baby was born on April 15 at the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, Fla. The newest addition was birthed by 31-year-old Rochelle, a.k.a. "Shelley."

The father, Scooter, 25, is responsible for fathering several in the zoo's black-handed spider monkey population, according to the zoo's blog post.

Shelley has three other children: Tica, 19, Prim, 7, and Olive, 2. All of the black-handed spider monkeys reside at the Brevard Zoo.

"Shelley is a pro at caring for her offspring," Lauren Hinson, the zoo's director of animal programs, stated in the blog post.

The post continued: "While we do not yet know the sex of the baby yet, our animal care staff noted that the youngling is doing well, holding on strong to mom and nursing successfully."

The adorable baby monkey is currently bonding with its mom and the other spider monkeys.

"Animal care staff have observed other members of Shelley's troop showing lots of interest in the newest member and occasionally checking on both Shelley and baby," the zoo noted in the blog post.

The IUCN Red List for Threatened Species lists the black-handed spider monkey as "vulnerable," noting their numbers are decreasing due to habitat destruction.

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