To celebrate Star Wars Day, here are four fun facts about our fellow jedi warriors here in the great state of Wyoming. May the 4th be with you.

1. Last year, students at Powell High School used the force to create their own lightsabers in art class when their original plan to build a replica of the Millennium Falcon proved too complicated. The class project culminated with a lightsaber duel in front of the entire school.

2. The Jedi Council Forum has a page devoted to Star Wars fans in Wyoming., which features posts from users like "Darth_Larsen", "Jedi Girl of Correllia" and "Semi-Dark Lord 90".

3. A Star Wars fan from New Jersey once wrote a  parody of the classic Charlie Daniels song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia". His version is titled "The Jedi Went To Wyoming".

4. Several students from the Cowboy State have graduated from Disney's Jedi Training Academy, including this group of Wyoming Padawans.


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