It has not been a smooth path to winning playoff games and advancing for Denver sports. The Avalanche came out the gate, guns a blazing, but, they couldn’t have known that their starting goalie would be out game 1 of the next roundThat’s just a big pill to swallow that I don’t think any of us were ready to force down with several beers. The Nuggets are fighting for their lives against the Jazz, Jamal Murray was not ready to end the season last night, dropping 50 points on Utah. Donovan Mitchell was close to matching him on the other end of the court with 44(typical). While, the Rockies are still in charge of their own destiny, currently within reach of a wildcard spot. 

The Avalanche 

Sure, they’re down 3-1 to the Stars. I really hate that they’re plagued with injuries, it’s keeping the world from what should have been a very competitive series. The Bubble series win just doesn’t look to be in the cards, unless they can pull off 3 wins in a row. Game 5 is tonight, and the puck drops at 7:45. If you’re thinking of making a wager, The Stars are +118 and the Avs are –137, according to Draft Kings. 

The Nuggets 

Game 7 is coming at us after a great game 6 last night. I’m not saying that Jamal Murray needs to score another 50 to make it to the next round, but it wouldn’t hurt. This one could go either way, really. Game 7 tips off tomorrow at 6:30, with Draft Kings not really wanting to guess who will win this one. The Nuggets are looking at a 1 point advantage in this one. Hang tight! 

We’ll keep watching the Rockies to see if they can keep a hold of their playoff hopes with less than a month left in the super short baseball season.  

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