Who doesn't love a milkshake? I know I do but humans are not the only ones who love a refreshing and delicious treat sometimes. Apparently skunks are big fans of milkshakes as well.

The Arvada Police Department were doing police things...serving and protecting when a couple of officers stumbled across a white cup (with a big, bushy and stripey tail) moving along the ground.

Curious (and understandably so) the officers approached the stinky suspect with caution ready for a nasty attack at any moment...thankfully, the skunk was blinded by the fact that its head was stuck in a cup and possibly distracted by the yummy remnants of the milkshake inside.

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As one of the brave officers approached the skunk, she carefully placed the little grabber thingee on the cup that was stuck on the skunk's head and revealed the super cute face. (because let's face it, skunks, while extremely unpredictable and stinky) are super cute.

For a brief moment, there was a standoff and a stare down, as the officer slowly and calmly stepped away, the skunk raised its tail ready for the attack but thought better and stepped away from the officer and moved on about its day.

Good call skunk, good call, and THANK YOU officers,

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