If you're new to Wyoming, be aware that our skies are rarely dull. There are several new video shares (and a few classics) that show supercell storms in different parts of Wyoming.

This video was just shared a few days ago although the chase dates back to 2014. It's a wild supercell storm in northeastern Wyoming. I think this was the Basehunters team chasing this storm.

Here's a real throwback for you. 9 years ago, Casper College shared this thunderstorm time-lapse as seen above the city from Casper Mountain.

A couple years ago, famed storm chaser Reed Timmer ran into grapefruit-sized hail when he was chasing a storm near Fort Laramie.

James Yule shared a brief time-lapse showing how wide these Wyoming thunderstorms can get as you can see the cloud massively expand.

Never underestimate our Wyoming skies ability to amaze. Look up and you'll rarely be sorry you did.

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