Valentine's Day can be expensive for couples in the Cowboy State. A new study pegs the average cost of dinner, flowers, candy, and cards in Wyoming at $124.21.

Wall Street 24/7 calculated the overall expense for a romantic Valentine's Day date in every state, estimating the median price of dinner for two at a restaurant in Wyoming is $53.61. Tack on $27.31 for candy, $14.14 for cards, and $29.15 for flowers and date night could cost a pretty penny.

Wyoming ranked 25th in the study. Hawaii is the most expensive state for a Valentine's Day, with the average cost of dinner, flowers, candy, and cards topping $152. New York, California, New Jersey, and Maryland rounded out the top five.

Mississippi has the cheapest Valentine's date night, followed by Alabama, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Kentucky. Around the region, Colorado was 11th most expensive state. Utah was slighter more expensive than the national average, while Idaho, Montana, and Nebraska were slightly below average. South Dakota was ranked the sixth cheapest state for Valentine's.



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